Way Out

My Role
I worked remotely as the solo designer.
About the Company
Way Out is a video game to end rape culture. It's a startup based out of New York City and Serbia.
Part-time, 5-15 hours per week over the course of 3 months
Where I Came In

I was approached with an innovative video game idea and joined a small startup team as the only designer.


I defined the brand identity and used AI software to develop game imagery. This allowed us to design a beautiful pitch deck to present to potential investors.

I also wrote a comprehensive guide for the rules, instructions, and gameplay.

Site Building Constraints

I was asked to make a comprehensive website explaining the game concept and showcasing partnerships using the GoDaddy site builder. I ran into many constraints with the template-only plan that had already been purchased, but persisted in finding workarounds to actualize my initial wireframes.

User Research

I conducted user interviews at universities, corporations, and dating apps to understand what was currently being done for sexual assault prevention training and what pain points needed to be addressed.


Within a total of six days and entirely from scratch, I created a video walkthrough of what the game could look like for a grant application. I added to my expertise in Premiere Pro and Figma by learning entirely new software including Unreal Engine 5, MetaHuman Creator, and After Effects.

My Findings

I learned a tremendous amount from this project. I was able to meet with a wide range of activists from United Nations ambassadors to Title IX officials to address the issues of rape culture in order to make meaningful design decisions.

Next Steps

While the company pursues funding, I am looking to switch gears from freelancing in search of meaningful full-time work.